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"Things I've Learned: My Testimony" : My testimony after the last two years.

"Faith and Works: Keeping Life Balanced" : Why Mormons seem to work so much.

"God's Plan" : When we follow God instead of ourselves, we will be better off.

"Mormon by the Grace of God" : The conversion story of Eric, how he truly found Christ.

"ye have done it unto me" : When we things for others, we are doing things for Christ.

The New Year : Happy New Year!

The Gift of Christ : How will you use Christ's gift to you?

What Do Mormons Believe? : An overview of the beginnings of Mormonism.

We are Never Alone : Trials come, but God is always there.

Having Compassion : Christ taught His people to have compassion and to show love one to another. We should do the same today.

"who went about doing good" : A beautiful example of Christ-like service and love.

His Church Restored : The Priesthood Authority that Christ gave to his ancient Apostles, has been restored to the Earth and Christ's fullness is once again available.

Listen to a Living Prophet's Voice! : The Lord has a living Prophet and 12 Apostles on the Earth again! Listen to their words.

Commitments to the Lord : When we can keep commitments to the Lord, we will be prepared to make and keep covenants, or sacred promises, with Him.

Watching for Rain : If we put the Lord first, He will help us be prepared for all that the adversary will throw at us.

The Power of God. : My testimony and personal experience of being healed by the power of God.

Love: Part Two : The love of Christ cannot be overcome. He will always love us.

What is Love? : An overview of God's love for us.

Serving others. Serving God. : My testimony that when we serve others we are serving our Father in Heaven.

Repentance: A Process, Not An Event : The "Why" and "How" of repentance.

Our Life: The Prodigal Son : We can always return to our Savior Jesus Christ, even when we wander far from Him.

Faith: A Word of Action : What we must do to take our faith from being passive to a driving force in our lives.

Faith: Steps in the Dark : How we can press on in faith, even when we can't see the final destination.

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